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Bubble-Blowing Vs. Smoking

Oddly enough, when I thought about all of the sexualized behaviors and fetish objects I could relate to the word “blows”, I totally forgot about sexy smoking:

asian dragginlady smoking video
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How could I forget about that classic oral fixation, particularly since I’m a camgirl who constantly gets requests to smoke? I suppose it might be because I don’t ever fulfill that request, being a vehement non-smoker myself who also hates to be around cigarette smoke (though I adore pipe smoke and am tempted to learn to smoke a pipe). Still, I’m not blind to the appeal of watching a woman smoke. Seeing her go through the ritual of digging through her purse, lighting up, holding the cylindrical phallic object in her expressive fingers. Sucking in her breath, drawing the smoke deep into her lungs, then BLOWING it out. And there are so many different ways she can blow it! French exhales, smoke rings, short impatient bursts. Smoking is like a fan dance.

Comparing my bubble-blowing fetish to what I appreciate about watching women smoke is interesting because they mostly occupy opposite ends of the age-play spectrum. While there might be many fetishists who don’t even consider that aspect, I certainly do. The bratty bubble-blowing gum-chewer is mostly a youthful archetype while the haughty smoker is definitely more of a mommy archetype in my mind. In addition to the mesmerizing dance-like motions of smoking, the repeated sucking and blowing, the vision of the woman wrapping her mouth around the cigarette, and the aesthetic beauty of the smoke itself there’s also a dominant, mature otherness to it. It’s something glamorous you see grown-up women engaging in by themselves. Even if she’s smoking to flirt with someone, directly engaging another person, perhaps soliciting a light from him, there’s still a sense that she’s set apart from other people. She’s in control, knows what she wants, fulfills her own pleasure and seeks to meet her own needs first.

smoking vogue woman gets light from two men

If smoking ladies are not depicted as glamorous, then they’re hardened and make you think they’ve been around the block a few times. Of course, my idealized sexy smoker is based on women in the movies and women I’ve known in real life, NOT on porn smokers. Also, there are obviously a lot of younger women who smoke and you can fantasize like crazy about slutty teen smokers gone wild and rebellious, but even in that scenario the appeal is that the girl is doing something grown-up. What I like about both bubblegum and smoking is that they both seem like acts of defiance. They’re bratty, sassy, and disturbing to others. The difference is that when I think of a gum-chewing bubble-blower I think of a GIRL who is NAUGHTY. When I think of a smoker, I imagine a WOMAN who is BAD. Bubbles give the impression of sweet, pink inexperience while smoke gives the impression of noir, Eve-like knowledge and experience. One is clean, the other is “dirty” (but of course both of them are sexual from the perspectives of fetishists).

Even as I write this, I realize there’s a dearth of sites featuring GLAMOROUS, MATURE WOMEN performing smoking hot teases. As with all things in porn, it’s difficult to find fully-clothed women. It’s not that I don’t WANT to see women naked, smoking and giving blowjobs, I just would prefer for them to start out as retro divas from black and white movies who LATER strip down (preferably to girdles) and smoke cock (or, even better, just blow smoke in men’s faces and perhaps also sit on them). I guess I will have to start looking for that. Obviously smoking porn is not my area of expertise so I have a lot to learn.

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