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My name is Trixie Fontaine (aka TastyTrixie). I’m just a regular chick who’s been online for many years now, since way back in the Compuserve days when I used the internet just to have freaky sex chats and later to hook up with people for sex via AIM and dating sites like AdultFriendFinder and Alt.com (which is where I met my current partner of over six years, Delia). In the year 2000 I started doing pay-for-play webcam shows on iFriends and phonesex on Keen/Niteflirt.

Trixie's Big Boobs

I started blogging and learning more about web-design in 2001, creating and opening my very own website in 2002 with spycams, live webcam shows and OF COURSE lots of sexy photos and videos!The reason I created this blog site, TrixieBlows.com, is to showcase my interest in a handful of fetish items and erotic behaviors: bubble blowing, gum-chewing, blowjobs, inflation, balloons, bratty girls, blow-up dolls and inflatable toys, sneezing, nose-blowing, and even farting. I know that most people who are into ONE of these things are not usually into ALL of them, but I am personally fascinated by all of them, hence this blog. I even include smoking, which is something I personally detest in real life yet find enchanting in movies and still images.

I also like the idea of exposing non-fetishists to the delights of these niche-interests and am also drawn to them for their aesthetic appeal as well as their erotic potential; “blow”y fun is potent and interesting from visual, auditory and tactile perspectives. Everyone loves rounded body parts, things that get BIGGER as they get more exciting (or excitED), cute bodily functions, and everything that reminds us of these human delights. I hope you enjoy what you find here as much as I do!

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