About This Site

This is my blog dedicated to things that can be blown.


It’s a provocative word with a variety of connotations. When I say that I blow, I could mean blow bubbles. Blow my nose. Blow up balloons. Snort coke. Blow hot air (as in fart gas). Blow up (as in gain weight). Blow smoke rings. Or even give a “blow” job (which is usually a suck or lick job rather than a bonafide BLOW job, but whatever).

I enjoy many aspects of blowing and watching other people blow; this site is dedicated to bubblegum blowing, blowjobs, balloons and other inflatables, nose blowing, smoking, sneezing and even farting. I feature both myself and other provocative blow-focused media, from porn models and fetishists’ stories to product reviews and non-nude photos and videos.

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