Hot Air

Woohoo! I’m excited about starting this blog to focus on my bubblegum fetish along with associated (either by wordplay or actual fetish connections) turn-ons like sneezing, nose-blowing, blowjobs, farting and balloons.

I know, blowjobs sound totally generic and boring compared with the fun of inflatables and powerful exhalations of air and stuff, but I do love blowjobs and just can’t resist posting some BJ porn with a domain name like this one ( It just wouldn’t make sense NOT to include some cocksucking!

Using the promise of blowjobs, I’m also hoping to lure some vanilla folks over into appreciating the appeal of the erotic qualities of other sexy forms of blowing. While I’m sure most of you who visit will have very specific turn-ons and not be interested in EVERYTHING I post here, I know some people are like I am and enjoy expanding their pervy horizons by exploring all kinds of sexy forms of blowing.

I’ll post more SOON!! Pics, video clips, and whatever else I can get my hands on and share here!

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